Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai Highlights

Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminus, formerly Victoria terminus or VT (1878-1887), the most remarkable example of Victrorian Gothic architecture in India, was opened during Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee year. The first train in India left from this terminus for Thane in Aprinl 1853. Now Known as CST, over half a million commuters use the staton dailiy . (2 milions segons la RG). India, Footprint.

Ara mateix sóc incapaç de recordar si he estat a algun lloc amb més tràfic de persones que l'estació VT (fins a dos milions al dia segons quines fonts), així que suposo que els tres policies armats amb lathis que hi havia a cada porta poques coses podien fer, a part de seure i mirar, enfront l'incessant trànsit de gent i l'interminable xiulet d'uns detectors de metalls juràssics..

Most of the casualties of the Mumbai attacks are reported to have occurred at CST, where two of the suspected militants started shooting at passengers waiting for long distance trains.

Reports say several men armed with rifles had stormed into the crowded terminal firing indiscriminately and throwing grenades. (BBC)

The Taj Mahal Palace hotel is a 105-year-old city landmark at the heart of India's financial capital, popular with foreigners and tourists as well as the city's elite.

It is one of Mumbai's best-known destinations, an elaborate building that looks out over the city's waterfront. (BBC) Live.

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