Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Fent deures, entre un parell d'articles infumables, trobem un bonic "Zas, en toda la boca!".

 To govern is to choose, and government officials—whether elected or appointed—betray their obligations to the welfare of the people who hired them if they adopt a policy of happy ignorance and nonresponsibility for consequences. The article concludes with the judgment that the present danger is too much cost-benefit analysis, not too little. But I find it hard to believe, looking around the modern world, that its major problem is that it suffers from an excess of rationality. The world’s stock of ignorance is and will remain quite large enough without adding to it as a matter of deliberate policy.

PD: Que no s'interpreti com una apologia cega a l'anàlisi cost benefici.

PPD: Que el comentari anterior no s'interpreti com una denúncia a l'esmentada eina d'anàlisi. Més, sobre el tema.